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Holmes Memorials


Serving the Hudson Valley, Catskill Mountains and Northeast Area

Laser Etchings

Laser Engraving or etching is a process that is the result of combining leading edge laser technology with cutting edge photo imaging and artistic creativity. The engraving is done with a laser producing near photographic quality on the granite surface. The laser super heats the surface of the material causing precise microscopic explosions. This action removes the polished surface in varying degrees.

Please be certain when providing us with photos and images that they are of very good quality. This will ensure our laser etcher can create the best possible imaging results for your memorial. Keep in mind that photos of very dark images with no highlights or contrast do not reproduce well on black marble or granite.

Our laser etcher is local to the Hudson Valley area and utilizes a state of the art Camtech industrial laser etching machine. Together we can offer you fast turnaround times for completion of your memorial imaging. We can eliminate the need for months of waiting, as most other monument dealers are dependent on laser etching machines physically located and run by manufacturers out of state.

Our Laser Etcher’s expertise of over 10 years is 2nd to none.

Remember, it is not just the laser machine, but more importantly the person running the laser etching machine.

Laser Etchings Photo Gallery