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Holmes Memorials


Serving the Hudson Valley, Catskill Mountains and Northeast Area

Upright Memorials

These are commonly referred to as headstones, since their placement on the cemetery plot is at the “Head” end of the grave. This is the most common memorial style used.

Upright memorials consist of a separate granite die, (vertical top tablet), placed and secured on a matching bottom granite base. Generally there are just two component pieces; however there could be a mid–base or other component sections to the upright memorial. The memorial can be for an individual, a couple or even an entire family.

The memorial’s placement on the plot should be centered over the number of graves purchased. The memorial, when set and installed at the cemetery, is placed on a separate concrete foundation, which provides a stable area for the memorial to set. The cement foundation’s depth should be below what the frost line is for the area, and also constructed for the area’s soil type and terrain. This is the most common memorial style used.

We stock many different kinds of granite and have access to many more. If you are unsure about what type or color of stone to choose, consider the factors below, but remember, there really is never a wrong choice.

  • Consider colors that will harmonize with the surrounding site or tradition for the part of the country where the burial will take place.
  • Consider the landscape. Pinks and reds can look particularly attractive in areas that are sandy, or overlook water. Blues, grays and white harmonize well with the flora and geography of the Northeast. The more neutral colored stones, those flecked with white, various shades of beige or grey and black, are perfect in any environment.
  • The most important factor in your choice is your own personal preference or that of your family member. Our experience can provide the guidance you need.

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