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Holmes Memorials


Serving the Hudson Valley, Catskill Mountains and Northeast Area

Photo Porcelain Inlays

Memorial photo porcelains are a beautiful way of adding a photographic image to a memorial. They are available in color and can be made in a variety of sizes and shapes including: oval, round, square, rectangular and heart shaped. They serve as touching reminders of the life that was lost to all who visit the graveside of the loved one.

Memorial porcelains are fired at very high temperatures during the imaging process (over 900 degrees); they are able to endure the extremes of both weather and temperature. The firing process ensures that the colors will not fade and the finish will not deteriorate.

For producing them, we request that you provide us with the best quality well liked image. A great photo allows us to create a great photo porcelain. We can work from the original printed photo or any digital image you can supply us with. Even if artwork revisions are required, most all can be accommodated. Changing backgrounds, switching placements in the photo or editing images can all be accomplished through computer graphics software. We can even change someone’s t-shirt to a tuxedo if necessary. If you are providing an original printed photo, it will be returned to you after the photo porcelain is created as the actual photo isn’t adhered to the porcelain. Photos submitted by e-mail are fine also. Please be sure the images are of a good size in relation to the desired finished size requested. Larger photo images are always better to start with since having to make the image smaller is better then needing to enlarge the image.

So whether you are purchasing a new memorial or adding to an existing one, memorial photo porcelains provide the best actual true photo look. Unlike hand etchings or laser etchings, which require a black or very dark colored stone, the photo porcelains can be attached to any color memorial, as long as there is adequate space for their placement and installation. When completed, memorial photo porcelains provide a beautiful lasting image that will always be treasured.

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