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Holmes Memorials


Serving the Hudson Valley, Catskill Mountains and Northeast Area

Our Process

Selecting a Memorial is an important decision that involves many factors. There a number of considerations that will determine the finished memorial.

It is best to have some information to start with before selecting and ordering the Memorial.

  1. For how many individuals will the memorial be for? Single (individual), couple (companion), or a family (3 or more).
  2. Will the memorial be for traditional full internments, cremation remains or both?
  3. What will be the cemetery or location for the placement of the memorial?
  4. Who is the owner of the cemetery plot? Only the owner of the plot has the legal right to install a memorial on the cemetery plot. (Be sure to have your cemetery deed or a copy of it).
  5. Cemetery rules, regulations and fees: Cemeteries have different rules and regulations, especially regarding sizes and the number of graves within a plot. Size restrictions are usually a minimum and maximum size depending on the number of graves owned per deed. We will assist you in your options available for each specific cemetery.
  6. Are there already existing memorials or markers on the cemetery plot? In these instances you may just choose or be required to duplicate existing memorial/markers depending on the specific cemetery and rules.
  7. Memorial inscription information: Be sure to have the name(s) with proper spelling(s) along with the correct dates of both birth and death to provide us with.
  8. Memorial type: You may already have a preference of a grass marker, (aka footstone), upright memorial (aka headstone), mausoleum, columbarium or bench.
  9. Cost factors: Do you have a budget to stay within? Memorials can be very simple to elaborate with affordable pricing for every budget.

Granite is the most popular and durable choice for today’s memorials and is available in a wide variety of colors.

Memorials have become increasingly more personalized; incorporating designs with photos, hobbies and job related interests along with favorite vacation destinations and whatever you can imagine. The choices are endless.


*When you are ready to begin selecting your memorial, be sure to call us at (845) 246-8480 and set up an appointment to view our memorial display at your convenience.

We are a family owned business and have been serving the Hudson Valley Region of New York State since 1930.

In addition, we can provide memorials for the Metropolitan Areas of New York and out of state as well, including New Jersey and Connecticut.