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Serving the Hudson Valley, Catskill Mountains and Northeast Area

Vigil Lights

Vigil Lights, sometimes referred to as eternal memorial lights, are used in cemeteries and memorial gardens to honor and remember deceased loved ones.

They symbolize eternal life and show that the departed loved ones shall always stay in our memories. Light and illumination are usually associated with God (the true light of Jesus Christ).

Traditionally and still used today, are Vigil Lights that are powered by Candles. Made of an anodized aluminum or some from heavy plastic, they feature a transparent colored cylinder to allow viewing the burning candle and flame. The lids of the units are secured and vented to allow the candle to burn and protect it from the elements. Candles generally last between 4 – 7 days at the most, depending on weather, temperature and candle type. We are authorized retailers of the Emkay, Arthur Allen and Gay-Lor Industries Brands of Vigil Lights and replacement candles. Although red is the classic color choice for these lights, they are available in a wide array of colors, including dark blue, light blue, purple, teal, green, pink and amber.

Please be certain to check with your local Cemetery before purchasing to be sure that current rules allow for the placement of Vigil Lights. While most Cemeteries allow them, there are a few that do not.

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